Name and sirname of the Academic:

İbrahim Coşkun

Title, Department:

Lecturer / Music Technology Department

Areas of Study:

String and Plucked instruments.

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: Turkish Folk Dances. İTÜ 1991;
Bachelor of Arts: Instrument Construciton, İTÜ 1985.

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İbrahim Coşkun is graduated from Istanbul Technical University music insturment department in 1985 and completed his master degree in department of Turkish folk dance. His made of four string classical kemancha was presented to seventh president of Turkish Republic Kenan EVREN by rector of Istanbul Technical University Kemal KAFALI. He has designed and manufactured first tunable wood kudum with Hasan COŞKUN in company with his teacher Cafer AÇIN. This insturment is used in classical chorus in nowadays. First eight string oud was desiged and manufactured by himself with TRT artist Hakan AYDINLIK. Eight string oud is provided convenience to Professional oud players. He has manufactured two special lyre as a part of “Tarihi Çalgı Hattuşa” Project with Tunç BUYRUKLAR and Şafak KÖKSAL in 2009. He has made three string classical kemancha, four string classical kemancha, tar, violin bow, oud and classical lute in same Project for half scale. He has holded many exhibition included variety of insturments from past to now and has contributed to Turkish music with making different kind of insturments for over forty years. He is stil working in Turkish music technology departmant as workplace teacher and vice president of department.