Name and Surname of the Academic:

Cem Ekmen

Title, Department:

Lect. /  Instrument Performance

Areas of Study:

MEY- BALABAN-ZURNA Education, Dance Music Repertory, Turkish Folk Dances Education

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: Music, İTÜ 2018;
Bachelor of Arts:Turkish Folk Dances, İTÜ 2009.

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Web address (Personal or academic):



 Papers Presented At international scientific meetings:
1- Ekmen C. “Developments Reflected on the Instrument Kon 1st International Dance and Music Congress - Dicle University State Conservatory–, 2015
2- Ekmen C. “ An Example Of The Variants Seen In The Music Of Dances Like Halay; Düz dance Performed In Erzincan And Sivas”  Kon IV.International Dance and Music Congress – Muğla , 2018

İnternational conference /seminar :

1-  Ekmen  C. “ At Turkish Folk Music İnstrument Concert With Expositional Zurna-Sipsi ” - Conference  , Motif Folk Dances Educational Association, Youth And Sports Club  , 14-16 DECEMBER 2007
2- Ekmen  C. “ Traditional Music of  Turkey with Wooden Instrument Mey-Balaban” - Belgesel –WOOD and HUMANITY,  2015
3- Ekmen C. “ VIII. International Marsyas Culture,  Arts And Music Festival Mey-Balaban-Zurna ” – Seminar-Concert - DİNAR MUNİCİPALİTY , 18-21 May 2017

Since 2001 as a zurna-mey-balaban player I have accompanied many of singer in concerts and festivals, participated many of music and dance festivals, played for many of album records.