Name and sirname of the Academic:

Emel Şenocak

Title, Department:

Artist Lect. Dr.  / Müzik Theory Department

Areas of Study:

Vocal Performance Training, Vocal Performance Techniques, Musical Theory 

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Doctorate:  Republic of Azerbaijan President Ali Attestasiya Commission Bak Music Academy Musical Aesthetics and Vocal Performance2007; 
Master of Arts: TC Haliç University Institute of Social Sciences Turkish Music Program, 2002;
Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ Turkish Music Conservatory Vocal Performance Department  / İTÜ Turkish Music Conservatory Musicology Department, 1981. 

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Completed Undergraduate Program with the highest rank. Completed Graduate Program with the highest rank. Dissertation subject was The Evaluation of Turkish Operetta on Gramaphone Records and Vocal Performance Techniques. Completed Doctorate Program with the highest rank/degree(?). Dissertation subject was The Affects of European Vocal Techniques over Turkish and Azerbaijani Vocal Techniques.  Participated in several projects: 2007-2009 İTÜ Rectorate “Program of Improving the Quality of Education” Project (Coordinator) / 2009 Researcher at the Project of “Improving Education Project and Science-Society Performance Program”  / 2010 İTÜ Rectorate “Program of Improving the Quality of Education” Project (Coordinator) /  2011 İTÜ Rectorate  “Program of Improving the Quality of Education” Project (Coordinator) / 2012 İTÜ Rectorate “Program of Improving the Quality of Education” Project (Coordinator). 2011; Kuwait Exclusive Cultural Ambassador Honorary Award. National and International concert performances: (2005), Varosi Közmüvelödesi Intezmenyek Könyvtar Es televizıo, Hungarian music and songs in Kalocsa during the 15th Danubian Folklore Festival, “Turkish Folk Songs”, Kalocsa, Hungary. (2009), International Symposium jointly organized by Iaps-Csbe’Culture & Space In The Built Environment Network’ And The Iaps-Housing Network recital, and concerts in Istanbul.. Articles published in international refereed journals / (2007). Musiqi Dünyası 1-2/31, “Progress of Vocal History in Turkey”, Baku, Azerbaijan, 118-120. 3.4-2005 Musiqi Dünyası, “The History of Vocal Music Education in Turkey” Baku, Azerbaijan, 279-282. 1-2/23 Sayı.2005, Musiqi Dünyası, “The Art of Operetta and Turkish Operettas”,Operet Sanatı ve Türk Operetleri”, Baku, Azerbaijan, 146-153. 2007/2, Folklore / Literature, “Pre-Republic / Post-Republic Turkish Music Records and Their Affects on Contemporary Music”, Ankara, 271-278.  (2005). Conducted researches such as; 6th International Culture Congress, “The Affects of Turkish Music on World Music Culture Through Gramaphone Records”, Ankara. (2006). 2nd International Folkore Symposium, “The Contribution of Gramaphone Records, which are Vocal Documents of our Musical Memory, in Folkloric Culture”, Kırım. (2006). 3rd World Voice Congress, “Comparison Between Voices Of Professional And Amateur Artists With Acoustic Analysis”, Istanbul, Programmke & Abstract Book. (2009). Atatürk Cultural Center 7th International Turkish Cultural Congress, “Musical Analysis and Performance Techniques of Istanbul Folk Songs in Various Turkish Music Modes”, Ankara. (2012) 12. Mayıs. Organized by Azerbaijan /Baku National Science Academy Baku Slavanian University, in honor of the “89th Birthday of National Leader Haydar Aliyev”, “Azerbaijan Current Problems 3rd International Scientific Conference” book. (2005). Yüzüncü  Yıl University Faculty of Education Department of Fine Arts Training Symposium of Music Education, “Formation of Vocal Performance Education, Applying European Vocal Techniques to Classical Turkish Music”, Van. (2005). Attended national and international symposiums and conferences in areas of Vocal Performance Techniques, Musical Therapy, Gramaphone Records and Musical Theory.  She took part as a jury member in several music contests such as;   T.C. Presedential  Youth and Sports Directorate of Youth Services Head Office, Turkish Folkloric Music Contest and  Milliyet Ministry of Education Music Contest for High Schools. Memberships of Scientific Institutions: Motif Turkish Folk Dance Culture and Arts Foundation, Istanbul Secretary General & Member Publications Committee (2013). Institution of Historical Consciousness, Honorary member. She still teaches at İTÜ Turkish Music Conservatory as Performer Dr. Lecturer. She is mother of two.