Name and Surname of the Academic:

Cenk Öztürk

Title, Department:

Assoc. Prof. / Instrumental Performance

Areas of Study:

Cello, Piano, Choir Conducting, Orchestral Conducting

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Bachelor of Arts: Performance in String Instruments/ Cello 

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He was born in 1971 in Istanbul. His took hisfirst music lessons from his father who was a ballet artistin Istanbul, Istanbul State Opera, Serdar OZTURK received. He attended Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory at the 1982-83 academic year. He was a violoncello student of Reşit ERZİN. He graduated from the Conservatory in 1991-92 and was appointed as a cello lecturer at Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory.
The artist has received awards and commendations for his outstanding achievements and concerts in the education and training of the University and Conservatory choirs. He has been performing in various festivals and festivals of the Istanbul International Festival. He has also performed as a violinist, choir conductor and pianist. In addition to conducting the Conservatory Student Choir, the artist has directed several concerts with piano accompaniments to Istanbul University and Istanbul Technical University Polyphonic Choruses and has received many successes with his chamber music and cello concerts.
He attended the summer courses of A.RUDIN in Istanbul and performed cello concerts with pianist V.GINSBURG. He completed his master's degree at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory as a student of Doğan CANGAL in 1996 and from 2002 his art qualification. He is still studying at İ.T.Ü. He still continues his work at the Turkish Music State Conservatory.The artistalso took places in many art issues such as chorus that Serdar OZTURK composed and wrote; ITU Polyphonic chorus and İ.T.Ü. He also worked as a Conductor and pianist in the Atatürk Musical Center at the Atatürk Cultural Center with the TMDK Chorus and Orchestra. and İ.Ü. Polyphonic choruses, vocalists of Söz Art Group and İ.T.Ü. With TMDK Orchestra, İ.T.Ü. He was the conductor of. Mevlana Oratorio i in Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater. In addition, He directed İ.T.Ü. Polyphonic choir, İ.T.Ü.Quay Musicalconductor with TMDK Chorus and Orchestra at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall.
Cenk OZTURK, who is also the music director of Söz Sanat Group and prepares CD-DVD publications, has a solo album called 'Klasik ve müzikallerden sevilen eserler'
He has articles on polyphonic music in various journals and articles on cello education. He is also an arbitrator in articles on music and art.
Cenk ÖZTÜRK's book titled ”Cello, with Beginning Method and Theoretical Information was published in 2007 and his book publishingis still going on.
In August 2018, he was given the title of Associate Professor in the field of Fine Art-Classical Music-Interpreting by the Higher Education Institution.