Name and Surname of the Academic:

Devlet Devrim Öztaş

Title, Department:

Prof. / Instrumental Performance

Areas of Study:

Music Education,Interpretation

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Studies in the Arts: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, 1999;
Master of Arts: Music, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, 1996;
Bachelor of Arts: Music, Mimar Sİnan Fine Arts University, 1994

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She was born in  15.12. 1974 in Ankara .She began piano education  at Prof. Güherdal Çakırsoy’s class in 1985 at Ankara State Conservatory  of Hacettepe University. Completing studies   one year early in process of training,  she took “ Diplom of B. A” as First  Runner of Conservatory” at State Conservatory of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts  University in 1994. She was awarded” First Prize” by Sedat Güzin Gürel Science and Art Foundation due to her graduation success. She took Diplom of M.A and Diplom of Proficiency in Art, completing programme of M.A in 1996 and  programme of Proficiency in Art in 1996  with full points at the Piano  department of the same  University. She was accepted to  virtuosity programme of Franz List Music Academy taking part in the first three of  7 pianists  selected among from 28 pianists participating from Europe, America and Asia.  She took piano virtuosity training in Prof. Istvan Gulyas, Prof. Atilla Nemethy, Prof. Peter Nagy’s classes at Franz List Music Academy She  also took masterclasses from Prof.S.Mikowsky ,  Prof.Heimowsky, Prof.S.Balazs. She studied with Prof. Kamuran Gündemir  after returning country.

Artist, giving a solo resital by selected among from young pianists at the “ 2. International Cemal Reşit Rey  Piano Festival”,won “ First Prize” in Bülent Tarcan  Piano  Competition helded by Hungary Musıc and  Performing Arts  Foundation in 2000.

 She  gave many  solo recitals   and chamber  musıc concerts  mainly at  AKM, İş Sanat, CRR, Austrian Culture  Office, Museum of Picture and Sculpture, Enka  Rönesans, Italian  and  Greek  Culture  Centers  in İstanbul, also in big culture  centeres in İstanbul,Ankara, İzmir, Antalya,Mersin and Edirne and concert halls of university’s and in Hungary, at Franz Liszt Music Academy.

Regi   Academy, Budapest Technıcal Unıversıty, Palace of Helikon, Slovakia Culture  Centre , Residence  of Turkısh Embassy, Festival activities of Hungary musıc and performing Arts Foundation.

Artist recevied titles of assistant professor in 2002, associated  professor in 2005 at Edirne Concervatory of Trakya  University and professor both in 2011  at Antalya State Concervatory of Akdeniz University and in 2012 at Turkish Music Concervatory of İstanbul Technıcal University .

Artist, studying  engaged in the subject of regeneration of education curriculum programme  as  international  equivalance  and   opening part- time primary education,  highschool,  undergraduate,  postgraduate,  proficiency  in Art  programmes; has given lessons of  piano, chamber music, correpetition, sight-reading, piano literature and music philosophy  and has educated students giving recitals,participating master classes  and competitions since now.

Artist, Continuing her studies at Turkish Musıc State Concervatory of İstanbul Technıcal University, also performs  the Works of Turkish  composers and appreciated especially with original interpretations   in the works of  Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms  and Debussy.