Name and sirname of the Academic:

Süleyman Şenel

Title, Department:

Artist Lecturer / Musicology Department

Areas of Study:

Turkish Folk Music

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Studies in Arts: İTÜ, 1992;
Master of Arts: Turkish Folk Music, İTÜ, 1988;
Bachelor of Arts: Music, İTÜ, 1986.

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Süleyman Şenel was born in Istanbul [1963]. He was graduated from ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory [1986]. He completed his "master" [1988], and “Proficiency in Arts” [1992] education in ITU Social Sciences Institute, Turkish Folk Music field.

He has been tutoring secondary and undergraduate students in ITU Turkish State Music Conservatory, and post-graduate students in ITU Social Sciences Institute since 1986. He lectures in courses specifically such as: “Turkish Folk Music”, “Field Research Methods”, “Folklore and Ethnographies”, “Research Techniques”, “Introduction to Ethnomusicology”, “Traditional Drama Art and Music” and also, “Music Terminology”, “Publishing in Music”, “Aşık Arts in Turkish World”, “Musical Traditions in Turkish World”, “Musical Piece Analysis [in Traditional Music]” and “Transcription in Traditional Music”, etc..

Şenel has also took on tasks of Head of Department in Ethnomusicology and Musicology Departments in Musicology Major in Istanbul Technical University.

He has participated in national and international congresses, symposiums, panels and seminars and has given speeches in various conferences. In addition to his research and articles, he has published articles and books which were considered in critics.

He made folkloric music collections in various regions of Turkey as well as in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In his field researches, Süleyman Şenel has compiled over 2.000 melodies and folkloric/ethnographic materials and transcribed up to 500 traditional musical pieces.

He has worked on anonymous folk music/Aşık music, sound archives containing musical materials and general musical education systems.

He participated in concerts with various groups in Turkey and abroad, organized and presented culturally oriented concerts and culture-art programs. He made music album appearences as "Preparer for Publishing", "Repertoire Selector", "Music Director" and "Consultant".

In TRT [Turkish Radio and Television Company], he prepared and presented radio programs with the title "Our Folk Music [Turkey's Folk Music]" and "Türkü Writings". However he has worked as a consultant for many television programs and documentaries including "Bengi", "Masters of Local Music [in Anatolia]", "Anatolian Privates (Seymenler, Yarenler, Ahiler)", "Sounds, Times, Songs" and "Virtuosos (Masters of Instrument)".

Süleyman Şenel, has more than 100 articles, and 25 books via different roles such as the author of the copyright, the author of the publication or the editor.