Name and Surname of the Academic:

Safinaz Rizeli

Title, Department:

Lecturer / Instrumental Performance

Areas of Study:

Kanun education, Accompaniment

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ TMDK İnstrumental Performance (Kanun), 1991

İTÜ E-mail:

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Safinaz Rizeli was born in Ankara. After finishing her primary school in Istanbul, she got accepted to ITU Turkish Music Conservatory in 1980 and graduated in 1991. She studied qanun with Prof. Ruhi Ayangil and İhsan Özer. She also studied with well-beloved teachers like Necdet Varol, Nami Şenel, Demirhan Altuğ, Rahmi Sönmezocak and Erol Sayan. In 1993 she started working at ITU Conservatory as an instructor. She also worked at TRT Istanbul Radio as qanun performer for ten years alongside her work in conservatory. She performed in many CD’s, TV shows and concerts both nationally and internationally. She participated in a lot of international music festivals and gave concerts with musical ensembles in important venues such as Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall. She also worked with famous international ensembles such as King Singers, Concerto Köln and Sarband Ensemble; gave concerts and made albums with them. She still continues working at ITU Conservatory as an instructor and performing at concerts worldwide.