Name and Surname of the Academic:

Birol Yayla

Title, Department::

Lecturer / Instrumental Performance

Areas of Study:

Tanbur, Composer

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

İTÜ TMDK Music 1984

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Birol Yayla, who got tanbur education at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory where he entered in 1980, passed the exam that was opened in 1983 and joined the Istanbul Presidential Classical Turkish Music Choir as a tanbur performer. He started his music career with A. Şenol Filiz under the name of Yansımalar in 1990 and his works, which consist of the compositions of Birol Yayla, attracted great attention from a wide circle. He released his albums Yansımalar in 1992, Bab-ı Esrar in 1995, Serzeniş in 2000, Vuslat with duduk artist Suren Asaduryan in 2001, Pervane in 2005, Mektup in 2013. On the other hand, he continued to work on our traditional music. In 1993, he went to USA, worked and made an album with Meral Uğurlu. In 1998 he released Mahur album consisting of traditional instrumental works, in the same year, released the album Necdet Yaşar, consisting of the old and new performances of Tanburi Necdet Yaşar, and the album Niyazi Sayın - Necdet Yaşar in 2006, together with A. Şenol Filiz. In 1999, he played tanbur and kopuz with Bezmârâ, which performed the works of Kantemiroğlu and Ali Ufkî and played on the Splendors of Topkapı album published in France, he produced Bezmârâ’s album Yitik Sesin Peşinde with A.Şenol Filiz. In 2000, he released an album Miras considered of 15-20th century’s instrumental works with A. Şenol Filiz.

In 2002 he made soundtracks of the documentary-drama Altın Kanatlar published on TRT, the Turkish-Dutch co-production theater play Ferhat and Şirin, in 2003, the series “Esir Şehrin İnsanları”, based on Kemal Tahir's novel and published on TRT, in 2006, the documentary “Duvardaki Gölgeler” was broadcasted on TRT, in 2009, he made the score for Çalıkuşu and won Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater Award in the category of “Best Theater Music”. He gave concerts in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, India, Belarus, Lithuania, Sudan, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Cyprus. He made a television program with A. Şenol Filiz Gelenekten Geleceğe Yansımalar, published on BRT TV for one year, has prepared and presented the music-chat program Yansımalar which has been broadcasted on TRT in 2003. He has also prepared and presented Yansımalar program on TRT Music channel with A.Şenol Filiz. Biro Yayla has been an assistant maestro of the Presidential Turkish Classical Music Chorus between 2006-2012 and still working as a tanbur artist in the choir.

Since 2015, he has been working as a tanbur instructor at Istanbul Technical University and as a compozer and a performer.