Name and Surname of the Academic:

Ayşe Coşkun Ayan

Title, Department:

Art Performer Lect. /  Instrument Performance

Areas of Study:

Kanun, Repertory

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: Music, İTÜ, 1995;
Bachelor of Arts: Instrument Performance, İTÜ TMDK, 1992.

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In 1992 she performed solo in the “Successful Students” classical  concert organized jointly by the Ministry of Culture, Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Choir (also named as, Presidential Classical Turkish Music Choir) and National Conservatory for Turkish Music of  Istanbul Technical University.

She also performed at the  school orchestra directed by İhsan Özer. Along with many other performances, this orchestra  also  took part in TRT’s (Turkish Radio and Television ) serial of “From Youth to Youth” consisted of 9 episodes.

She had solo performences with various groups, conducted  by İnci Çayırlı and Necdet Varol in  the International Istanbul Festival, organised yearly.

Since 1992, she has performed with the different groups in various countries, including in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, Japan, India, Switzerland and Sweden. In 1994 she gave a Qanun recital in Tokyo, Japan during the Introduction days of Turkey activity.

She has also involved in writing and publishing the notes of Turkish classical music repertoire with the work group , organised by the conservatory and lead by Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlığ.  She published the booklets for Rast and Hicaz makam’s. (Makam is a system of melody types used in Arabic, Persian and Turkish classical music.

She continue her profession as the art performer at the ITU National Conservator for Turkish Music since 1992.