Name and sirname of the Academic:

Aydın Balcı

Title, Department::

Lecturer / Turkish Folk Dances Department

Areas of Study:

BlackSea Kemençe- Turkish Folk Dances

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: Institute for Social Sciences, İTÜ, 2001;
Bachelor of Arts: Turkish Folk Dances, İTÜ TMDK, 1996

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He was graduated İstanbul Technical University and Master’s Degree in İstanbul Technical University Liberal Arts. His thesis which was titled ”From Past to today Black Sea Kemençe” published at 2000. From 2000-2005 had worked as a Black SeaRegion Dance Chorerographer and Black Sea Kemençe Artist in “Sultans of TheDance( Fire of Anotolia) dance comunity and performed lots of activity all over the world.From 1993-1996 he represented Turkey in CulturelFests as Kemençe Artist-Singer-Dancer in Cairo, Wismarand Amsterdam. From 1996-2011worked as General Art Director-Chorerographer-Music Director at Kuleli Military High School and Turkish Air Force Academy in such projects called”At Shadow of Wings” and”Soldiers of TheDance”andwonlots of award. At 2004 had worked as Chorerographer-Kemençe Artist-Singer in “Tuzvirake” (Hungary) DanceCommunity. At 2005 had worked as Chorerographer-Kemençe Artist-Singer in “Shaman” Dance-Music-Rthym Community.At 2005 had performed as ChorerographerandmadeLocalMusicsin theopening of “Universiade”(İnternational University Sports Games). At 2008 performedgreatshow as a General Art Director at theopening of Black SeaOlympicswith a “Phoenix” Dance-Music-RthymCommunitywhich he had created at 2007. At 2009 his firstalbum (CD) “Ekinoks” (whichwascomposed,writtenandarrangedbyhimself)publishedby Ütopya Music.At 2010 his articlewhichwastitled”FromPasttotoday Black Sea Kemençe” published by Turkish Folk Institute at Folk Science Magazine. Between 2015-2018 worked as a General Art Director-Chorerographer-Project Music Composer-Arranger in ”Spor &Love” Community in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.All his life he tookparts in many Singer’s albüm with his own Lyrics-Music-Vocal-Featuringetc. He has been teaching “Black Sea Kemençe” in Instrument Department“Horon Dance Repertory” in Turkish Folk Dance Department of İstanbul Technical UniversityTurkish Musical State Conservatoire since 2005.