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Bülent Kurtişoğlu

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Assoc. Prof. / Turkish Folk Dances Department

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He was born in Kırklareli on 21/01/1961. He attended primary, secondary and highschool in Kırklareli. He completed his bachelor's degree at the Manisa Youth and Sports Academy Folk Dances Specialist Branchand his Phd in Arts at the ITU Social Sciences Institute. He worked as a teacher in Kars Göle High School between 1983 and 1985 and as a folklore researcher in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1985-1988. In 1988, he started to work at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Department of Turkish Folk Dances.. He presented papers at various national and international scientific meetings in the field of Turkish Folk Dances and Dance. He has writtenarticles and chapters in books. He took prizes in national and international competitions and festivals as choreographer and instructor. He served as a jury member in national and international competitions. He took part in national and international projects related to his field. He worked actively in the establishment and execution of numerous Civil Society Organizations. He participated in numerous field studies in the Balkans and made several compilations. He is stil working as an Associate Professor at ITU Turkish Music State ConservatoryDepartment of Turkish Folk Dances.