Name and sirname of the Academic:

Deniz Güneş

Title, Department:

Asst. Prof. Dr. / Vocal Arts Department

Areas of Study:

Repertory of Turkish Folk Music, Bağlama Education, Alevî-Bektaşî Music, Ağız-hançere techniques

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Doctorate: İTÜ Institute for Social Sciences Phd in Musicology and Music Theory 2014;
Master of Arts: Haliç University Institute for Social Sciences Masters in Turkish Music 2006;
Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ TMDK BA in Performance 1998

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After his graduation from ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, He became the doctor by submitting his studies on program post graduate “Bozlaks of Çorum Region”, doctorate program “The Zakirlik Tradition in Alevi-Bektashi Faith”.

Having given many concerts, projects, workshops, trainings and seminars in Turkey and abroad, Deniz Guneş has presented papers at national/international congresses and symposiums. He contributed as a director and accompanist to the album works. He worked as a bağlama artist at TRT Istanbul Radio [2003-2005].

In Belgium/Ghent, he have projected on the “International Baglamag Festival” in 2016 and 2017 [two projects] and about performing of balgama at international area. He attended the International Baglama Symposium in Berlin, Germany [2013]. He gived many consert and aducation Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands et al. in countries. He won the first prize with its participation in the International Gasırlar (centuries) Sazı Folk Instrument Orchestra Festival, Kazakhstan [2015]. He has contributed to the chapters of two books called “Tokat Folk Songs and tradational dance music” and “Gülü Bardağ İçinde” Güneş, who studied on Alevi-Bektashi music tradition. Deniz Güneş Who is also one of the representatives of the tradition of playing-singin, exhibits this feature in his concert, TV and Radio programs.

He continues his works as an the editor of the Bağlama Textbook at fine arts high school ministry of national education as a referee of the International Social Sciences Peer-Reviewed e-journal. Güneş, who contining work at the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, is married with Çiğdem Özçamur Güneş and has two children.