Name and sirname of the Academic:

Oğuzhan Balcı

Title, Department:

Asst. Prof. Dr. / Composition Department

Areas of Study:

Composition, orchestral conducting

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Program in Arts: Haliç University, Institute for Social Sciences, Masters in Turkish Music, 2005
Master of Arts: Haliç University, 2020
Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ – TMDK Bachelor of Arts in Composition, 1999

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Oguzhan Balci is a composer , conductor and violinist from Turkey. He was born in Istanbul. He started taking music lessons in 6 years old fromCenan AkınatTRT Istanbul Child Choirand then continued as a chorist at Istanbul State OperaandBallet Youth Choir.

In 1988, he enrolled inIstanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory at the violin department and he became pupil ofAyhan Turan. In 1994, he enrolled in composition department of the same university. He studied Turkish maqam music with Yavuz Ozustun, harmony and counterpoint withNail Yavuzoglu, Turkish music structure withMutlu Torun, conducting and piano withDemirhan Altug. After the university education, he started to study a master programme in ITU MIAM and during a year studied composition and music theory with Kamran Ince, David OsbonandPieter Snapper. Then, he graduated from master programme in Halic University Turkish Music Programme.

His compositions and arrangements are performed in several countries as well as in Turkey by various symphonic orchestras and ensembles.