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Göktan Ay

Title, Department:

Asst. Prof. Dr. / Müzik Theory Department

Çalışma Alanları:

Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Music, General Music Education, Sight-Singing and Dictation, Communiation


Areas of Study:

Doctorate: İ.Ü.Faculty of Communication, Radio and TV.-1988;
Master of Arts: İ.Ü. Faculty of Communication – Radio and TV,
Bachelor of Arts: İstanbul TMDK –Music Sciences, 1980

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He was born in 1957 in Artvin-Ardanuç. He did his primary, secondary and high school education in Tokat because of his father's teaching. K.B. He started to work at Folk Dance Training Center. At the same time, Gazi Univ. He continued to the Department of Music. In 1975, he won the exams of the Basic Sciences Department with the establishment of Istanbul Turkish Music State Conservatory and became one of the first students and graduates of the conservatory. In 1979 he took the science exams and started to work as an “assistant 1979.

In 1982, the conservatory was attached to the Rector's Office by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the ”lecturer“, in 1985, by giving the ası foreign language exams ”held by the Interuniversity Council, the” artist lecturer ın was awarded the title 'Y.Doc. Ile ”It happened. In 1988, İ.Ü. Faculty of Communication He completed his master's and doctoral programs in Radio-TV and became the ın Doctor Radyo.

In the conservatory, he took part in THO Division, Başk.Yard., THO Principal Art Section, Aletgı Eğt. Plenty. Basque. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Conservatory, Conservatory Deputy Director and Projects Consultant of the Conservatory.

He organized a number of meetings with the aim of promoting and developing Turkish culture, participated in symposiums, and took part in advisory and science committees. He established, directed and gave concerts in various universities, notably in Boğaziçi University. He founded İTÜ T.M.D.Konservatuarı Alumni Association (1989) and continued its chairmanship for a long time.

She advised in the conservatory important theses on undergraduate, graduate and art proficiency. She worked as a m rapporteur ”for the revision of the Law on Universities. MEB was the name of ında culture / arts oldu in the Council of Ministers. He joined the Culture Council.

In 1993 he founded the Association for Solidarity of Turkish Music Associations and Foundations (Müzdak). The ında Istanbul Turkish Music Days / Festival,, which is the only and unique festival of the country in its field, has continued to be traditional by maintaining its quality every year (in its 25th year). With the symposiums he prepared within this program, he allowed the people of science and art to demonstrate and develop their works. The symposium books prepared by the Ministry of Culture (6), YTÜcance (1 unit), Medipol Ün. (1 unit), Avcılar Municipality (2 units), Marmara Un. (1) printed. The concerts were broadcasted from TRT screens and published in the Ministry of Culture.

He insisted that it was wrong to separate music and conservatories from West-Türk and prepared the “National State Conservatory ın building model and submitted it to YÖK.

Channel 6 live, TRT Istanbul Radio programs, annotated programs, TRT Istanbul Television and private channels, guest programs, gave academic support.

Member of the Turkish Music Foundation, Member of the Folklore Association, and the GSGM THOF Observer of the Prime Ministry. He holds honorary duties as ır Advisory Board Member, Academic Adviser of Academic Staff - Faculty Member and Selection Committee “.

Folklore Introduction-1990 and Folklore (Folklore) -1999, nearly 90 successes and certificates of appreciation / plaque on the internet in different sites (internethaber.com and continues on enpolitik.com) education-culture-art field to 1500 There are close articles. In his writings, he stated that Turkish culture and art is very rich and that this richness will only grow and grow in unity and solidarity, and that decomposition should be replaced by production. 

Currently, ITU T.M.D. He is the Artist Lecturer at the Conservatory. He is married and has two children.