Name and sirname of the Academic:

Cenap Güngör

Title, Department:

Lecturer / Turkish Folk Dances Department

Areas of Study:

Turkish Folk Dances –Melodies in Oral Tradition of Turkish Folk Dances

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Master of Arts: İTÜ, Institute for Social Sciences, Turkish Folk Dances, 1995;
Bachelor of Arts: İTÜ TMDK Turkish Folk Dances, 1992

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He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music StateConservatory Department of Turkish Folk Dances in 1992. In 1995, he graduated with a thesis "Historical Analysis of Folk Culture in Van Region", ITU Institute of Social Sciences Turkish Folk Dances from the program. He worked as a folk dancer and musician in many institutions and organizations. In 2005, he started to work as a faculty member at ITU Turkish Music StateConservatoryDepartment of Turkish Folk Dance.He performedacademicandperformancestudies on Turkish Folk Dances and Musics. He worked as an instructor, musician and choreographer at national and international festivals. Important festivals attended by in ITU TMSC "2nd. International Golden Ring Folklore Festival Viladımir–Russia in 2013” ,"8. International Moscow Folklore Festival Moscow – Russia in 2013”.He is stil working as an academician at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Department of Turkish Folk Dances.