Name and sirname of the Academic:

Eren Özek

Title, Department:

Prof. / Music Theory Department

Areas of Study:

Makam Theory, Frequency Analyses, Repertory Analyses, Oud

Bachelor’s degree/Masters/ Doctorate:

Graduate Program in Arts: Turkish Music, Haliç University, 2011;
Master of Arts: Turkish Music, Haliç University, 2005;
Bachelor of Arts: Musical Instrument Construction, İTÜ, 2002

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 He started his bachelor studies at the Department of Geological

Engineering at Hacettepe University. He received his bachelor degree

from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music.

He received his Masters and Doctor of Arts degrees from Haliç University.

His dissertation is titled as “The Concept of Çeşni in Turkish Music and

the Analysis of Performance-Theory Differences in Digital Environment ”.

He was the chair of the Department of Design and Manufacturing

Material Cultural Products and Musical Techologies of Tekirdağ

Municipality Conservatory and gave lectures on ud between 2010 and

2013. He became a lecturer at ITU TMDK in 2009, an assistant professor

at the Department of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts, Beykent University, an

assistant professor at the Department of Musical Theory at ITU TMDK,

and an associate professor at the same department in 2016.

He has performed as an ud performer in various important projects in

Turkey and abroad. He has performed over 40 shows for the play

“ Saray-Mozart alla Turca” with Schauspielhaus Theatre Vienna in

Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Luxemburg. He has composed music for

television series, movies, plays, and advertisements. 

His books titled “20. Yüzyıl Türk Müziği İcrasında Perde Anlayışı” and “21.

Yüzyıl Türk Müziği İcrasında Perde Anlayışı” were published by The

foundation of Turkısh Music in 2014. In 2015 ITU Foundation published his

book titled "Enstrüman Yapım Eğitiminde Oransal Ölçeklendirme".

He has published articles and given seminars on the maqam theory,

frequency analysis, instrument manufacturing, and ud performance. He

regularly gives classes on the theory of Turkish Music, solmization,

maqam theory, analysis of musical pieces, and sound systems. He has been

continuing his duties as the chair of the Department of Musical Theory.